Printout from The Last Main Line:

Newton Purcell Map

Bottom left co-ordinates: 46100 22700

Newton Purcell Map

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Records from this map:

Ref. Title X Coord Y Coord
L1088 Contractors' 0-6-0 saddletank locomotive, WALTER SCOTT. 464880 228105
L1374 Steam navvy at Chetwode, Buckinghamshire 463000 229000
L1404 Barley Fields Navvy Camp, Oxfordshire 463900 231300
L1572 Navvies drilling holes in sleepers, Finmere, Buckinghamshire 462800 231300
L1577 Four children posing with their dog at Newton Purcell, Oxfordshire 462000 230000
L1585 Navvies laying drains and ballast near Finmere, Buckinghamshire 463000 230900
L1588 Barley Fields navvy camp, Finmere, Buckinghamshire 462900 231300
L1675 Brick arch bridge over the permanent way near Twyford, Buckinghamshire 465000 227000
L1677 Brick arch overbridge, Twyford, Buckinghamshire 466000 227000
L2235 Brick arch overbridge and permanent way near Chetwode 463800 229200
L2507 Stationmaster and his family at Finmere, Buckinghamshire 462900 231200
L2522 Finmere Station, Oxfordshire 463000 231200
L2523 Railwayman at Finmere Station, Oxfordshire 463000 231200
L2867 Brick arch bridge near Newton Purcell 463000 231000
L2937 Girder bridge at the site of Finmere Station 462800 231300
L3435 Culvert in Barley Fields in Chetwode, Buckinghamshire 463300 230300
L3436 Cutting with overbridge in Twyford, Buckinghamshire 465300 227700
L3437 Brick arch viaduct over Claydon Brook in Goddington 464500 228300
L3438 Girder Accomodation Bridge set in farmland in Goddington, Oxfordshire. 464700 228200
L3439 Culvert in Goddington, Oxfordshire 465000 227900
L3441 Full length view of Goddington Church 464200 227700