Printout from The Last Main Line:

Bulwell Map

Bottom left co-ordinates: 45100 34300

Bulwell Map

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Records from this map:

Ref. Title X Coord Y Coord
L1375 Bulwell viaduct, Nottinghamshire 454500 345600
L1383 Girder underbridge 455700 343300
L1385 Site of junction with Great Northern Railway 455000 343000
L1386 Girder overbridge 456000 343100
L1565 Bulwell viaduct, Nottinghamshire 454300 345900
L1725 Junction of Hucknall Colliery branch, Nottinghamshire 453500 347900
L1727 Basford Station, Nottinghamshire 454800 343900
L1728 Girder overbridge crossing the London Extension at Bulwell, Nottinghamshire 455400 344000
L1731 Underbridge and station platform, Bulwell Common, Nottinghamshire 454700 345200
L1732 Constructing the Great Northern's bridge over the Last Main Line, Bulwell, Nottinghamshire 455600 343900
L1777 Constructing the tunnel beneath the Great Northern Railway, Nottinghamshire 455500 343900
L2295 Brick arch underbridge and culvert at Nottingham 455800 343300
L2296 Girder footbridge and contractor's railway in Nottingham 455300 344200
L2463 Site of Bulwell Forest Station, Nottinghamshire 454900 345000
L2479 Great Central bridge over Hucknall Colliery branch line 453700 347600
L2481 Building the station at Bulwell Common, Nottinghamshire 455000 345000
L2777 Bridge construction at the site of Hucknall Central Station 455100 344900
L2780 Bulwell viaduct nearing completion 454400 345600
L2783 Girder bridge over the Great Northern Railway at Basford 455500 344000
L2787 Girder overbridge and contractor's railway at Basford 456000 343000
L2789 Bulwell viaduct, Nottinghamshire 454400 345600
L2793 Valley Road bridge and culvert at Basford, Nottingham 455800 343300
L3466 Northern end of the Bulwell Viaduct 454300 346000
L3467 Bulwell Viaduct arching over Midland Railway tracks 454400 345700
L3473 Side view of Bulwell viaduct with scaffolding 454400 345600