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Annesley Map

Bottom left co-ordinates: 44900 35100

Annesley Map

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Records from this map:

Ref. Title X Coord Y Coord
L2468 Great Central girder bridge spanning the Great Northern Railway at Linby, Nottinghamshire 453200 351000
L2473 Rock cutting near Annesley, Nottinghamshire 451600 354300
L2487 Great Central viaduct crossing the Great Northern Railway at Linby, Nottinghamshire 453100 351000
L2772 Girder occupation bridge near Linby 453200 351200
L2773 Girder occupation bridge near Newstead, Nottinghamshire 453200 351700
L2775 South portal of Kirkby tunnel 451300 354400
L2778 Coal stage near Annesley junction 451300 354400
L2782 Brick arch underbridge near Newstead 452600 352800
L2788 Starting point of the London Extension 451700 354200
L3528 Work in progress at Newstead 452600 352800
L3529 Newstead Signal Box 452600 352800