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Construction of the Metropolitan Railway at Euston Road

Construction of the Metropolitan Railway at Euston Road

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L2580. A fine early example of cut and cover tunnel construction, whereby the surface at ground level is stripped away and the cutting is excavated, before being back-filled and covered over once the tunnels have been completed. As the caption explains, this fascinating snapshot was taken during construction of the Metropolitan Railway at Euston Road, part of the route that formed the world's first urban underground rail system which the Metropolitan opened to the public in 1863.
ContributorLondon's Transport Museum
Creatorattribution - Unknown
Datecreation - 1862
TypeDigital images - Scanned
Formatdimension.H - 152mm
dimension.W - 203mm
resolution - 300 dpi
IdentifierLondon's Transport Museum - 1998/ 28278
SourceLondon's Transport Museum
Relationcopy of - Black and white print
Coverageperiod - 1862
Location.Current Repository - London's Transport Museum
Location.Creation Site - Euston Road, London (O.S. Ref: 529900 182700)
RightsLondon's Transport Museum