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King's Cross Underground Station, London

King's Cross Underground Station, London

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L2549. Photographic engraving of King's Cross Underground Station. It is thought to be a scene from 1863, the year in which the Metropolitan Railway opened the world's first urban underground rail system. This station was one of seven original stops on that line. Note that both broad and standard gauge tracks have been laid here.
ContributorLondon's Transport Museum
Creatorcorporatename - London Transport Executive
Datecreation - circa 1863
TypeDigital images - Photograph
Formatformat.mage - 35mm Transparency
IdentifierLondon's Transport Museum - 2001/ 15537
SourceLondon's Transport Museum
Relationcopy of - Colour transparency
CoverageLocation.Creation Site - King's Cross Underground Station, London (O.S. Ref: 530300 183200)
Location.Current Repository - London's Transport Museum
period - circa 1863
RightsLondon's Transport Museum