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Acknowledgement From Binyons. Robinson & Co Ltd For Presentation Tins of Tea

Acknowledgement From Binyons. Robinson & Co Ltd For Presentation Tins of Tea

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T1872. The visit of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra in 1905 to open the new No. 9 Dock required a great deal of preparation and planning. It was decided that the older people of Stretford should receive either a presentation tin of tea, for the women, or tobacco, for the men, to mark the occasion. Mr Abrahams had written to Messers Binyon & Robinsons asking about the price of presentation tins of tea for the elderly women of Stretford. After receiving a sample of the product, the Council placed an order with them for the 150 tins of tea:

The Urban District Council of Stretford
G. H. Abrahams Esq
We are obliged
for your esteemed order for 150 - ' lb.
tins of tea at 1/- per tin
which shall have our best attention.
Monday will be in time for the cards yours truly
Binyons Robinson Ltd
T Jones
PublisherTrafford Metropolitan Borough Council
Creatorcorporatename - Binyons. Robinson & Co. Ltd. Manchester.
personalname - T. Jones
Datecreation - 1905-07-06
TypeLetter - Written
Formatdimension.H - 206mm
dimension.W - 128mm
SourceTrafford Local Studies Centre
Relationpart of - 1905 Royal Visit Papers
Reply to - T1867
CoverageLocation.Creation Site - Manchester