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Letter to Mr. J. H. Smart From Mr Abrahams

Letter to Mr. J. H. Smart From Mr Abrahams

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T1863. The visit of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra in 1905 to open the new No. 9 Dock required a great deal of preparation and planning. Mr Abrahams wrote to the local bands to see if they were free to play at one of the two large parks in the Stretford area. At the same time he was also looking for a small concert orchestra to play at the reception to be held at Stretford Town Hall. In this matter he wrote the following letter to Mr. J. H. Smart:

Dear Sir,


Mr Pollitt has mentioned your name in connection
with the provision of a small band for the 13th instant
at the Stretford Town Hall. Will you please inform me
If you can supply five musicians., piano, cornet, violin,
double bass, and flute or clarionette.
Will you please also supply me with credentials?

Yours faithfully
Geo H Abrahams
PublisherTrafford Metropolitan Borough Council
Creatorcorporatename - Stretford Urban District Council
personalname - G.H. Abrahams.
Datecreation - 1905-07-04
TypeLetter - Typed
Formatdimension.H - 262mm
dimension.W - 207mm
SourceTrafford Local Studies Centre
Relationpart of - 1905 Royal Visit Papers
CoverageLocation.Creation Site - Old Trafford, Manchester.
RightsTrafford Metropolitan Borough Council